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Why are Espresso Machines So Expensive?

Are you fond of the rich taste of a well-done coffee? Then you must know that one has to spend a good amount to get an espresso machine that can bring out that deliciousness. The coffee beans release their aroma and flavor only when brewed at optimum temperature and pressure. These machines use high pressure to force steam to the ground beans to give it the texture that it deserves. Wondering why espresso machines are a little heavy on the pocket? Here are a few factors that contribute to their cost.


High-end espresso machines are made up of stainless steel, brass or metal. These three elements are usually expensive as compared to plastic and other synthetics. Some manufacturers use the plastic frame for internal parts, but this doesn’t give a proper espresso taste. Espresso machines are designed to maintain a stable brewing temperature, so that’s why sturdy materials are required to maintain that consistency of temperature. A solid and compact framework is a must which makes the cost go up.

Digital Display

Now, markets are full of coffee machines that have a digital display. But the display used in espresso machines is far different from the display used in normal coffee machines. It is made up of high-quality materials so it can show the proper variation in temperature. Espresso machine displays also have many other features like water temperature adjustments, on and off programming, shot timers, pre-infusion delay and many more. And such technology often adds to the cost of the product.

Adjustment of Brewing Temperature

The espresso machines these days come with a temperature controller and adjuster. This makes it easy for the user to control the brewing temperature of the espresso shot. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Temperature Adjustment of Individual Groups

Espresso machines have a feature of adjusting the temperature of brewing coffee for individual groups. This feature works best for the people who more than one type of coffee. When we have temperature adjustment for individual groups, it is made up of the finest materials to support a unique design and display. And that is surely somewhat expensive.

Consistency of Pressure and Profiling

Old models of coffee machines do not provide control over the pressure consistency. Whereas the newer models are giving us the much-needed control over pressure consistency and profiling. Espresso machines come with this new technique that requires a complex internal structure, both electronically and mechanically. This kind of internal structure is expensive, which makes an espresso machine high on the cost.

Complex Internal Structure

A great cup of coffee is a matter of a lot of time and patience. You need a consistent brew temperature and high pressure which requires a complicated internal structure of the espresso machine. This internal structure has a boiling system, thermometers, and other safety features. And all this costs money to be put together.

While buying an espresso machine, make sure you research about the quality and reviews of the product. Good coffee comes at a price but the cost should be genuine.