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What Makes Kona Coffee Special?

Kona coffee has been around since the 1800s. And the fact that it’s still one of the best coffees out there makes one wonder why it’s so special. A major population has developed a subtle fondness for the aroma and taste of this particular coffee. And that comes with a price.

Kona ranks in the list of most-expensive coffee variants available on the market. After all, no lunches are free. So, what is it that makes Kona the star of the coffees? What are the factors that help the Kona coffee stand out from the rest? Let’s find out!

The Cultivation

True Kona coffee comes from trees that are grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. This place has a unique terrain that includes the cool slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa Mountains. The soil on these slopes is the volcanic soil. These coffee trees require the afternoon cloud cover of this particular place to thrive to the fullest.

No other coffee plantations in the whole world are grown in a similar environment. That’s what makes Kona coffee special, all the way down to its very roots.

The Processing

Kona coffee is given pretty special treatment before it leaves for the market. First, the coffee beans are hand-picked before they are graded. The hand-picking is done to separate the peaberry beans from the rest. The peaberry version of Kona is even more sought-after than the rest.

After picking, the beans are then pulped, dried, and hulled. Then the beans are sorted into different categories, depending on their size and shape, using machines. This sorting ensures that all the beans get the treatment that makes them taste best.

The Roasting

Roasting is the primary step that decides the taste of the coffee. And Kona coffee producers understand that well. After being sun-dried, the beans are custom-roasted. Differently graded beans have different moisture content, which is important information when it comes to roasting. This data is used to design the roasting process for different types of beans.

You can get several neatly-done roasts of this coffee in stores. As soon as the roasting is done, the oxidation process commences. This is when you get the freshest coffee, regardless of the variety.

The Storage

Even the best food products can go stale and spoil if they are not stored properly after processing. Kona coffee is no different. The roasts are stored in air-tight containers to avoid moisture damage. This type of storage increases the shelf life of coffee beans by 2 months and coffee grounds by 1 month.

It is advisable that you always purchase the whole bean version of the coffee and grind it just before use. This allows you to enjoy the most natural flavors of the brew.

Have you been looking to try the expensive Kona coffee? Are you wondering what all the hype is about? Well, a little knowledge doesn’t hurt anyone. Read up on what makes Kona coffee so special and treat yourself to a cup this evening.