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What is the Most Widespread Type of Coffee?

With so many varieties of coffee grown throughout the world, this drink never stops to surprise us. The aroma and flavor somehow make its way into our daily beverage quota regardless of the time of day. But what is the one variety of coffee that is loved by the largest majority of people globally? Let’s find out!


Statistically, Arabica has been ranked as the most widespread coffee in the whole wide world. Arabica is made from the beans of the coffee plant called Coffea arabica. This package of deliciousness first originated in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia.

It’s known that the beans of this plant were exported to Arabia from Ethiopia in the 7th century. And upon its arrival, the Aram scholars established it as a brewed beverage and ‘coffee’ was conceived.

The Plant

Coffea arabica, the Arabica coffee plant, appears as a shrub-like plant. It has small, white flowers that resemble the fragrance of jasmine flowers. The coffee beans are held inside the berries of this plant as seeds, which appear when the plant is 7 years of age. Each berry holds two beans.

If left to grow in the wild, this plant can grow as tall as 10-12 meters. However, for commercial purposes, it is only allowed to grow to about 2 meters at the maximum. This keeps the harvesting process simpler.

The Cultivation

The Arabica coffee plant is typically grown in the subtropical climate. This plant does not do well under harsh climatic conditions and prefers to have plenty of humidity around. The ambient temperatures have to be between 15 to 24 degrees Celsius for it to grow right.

It is grown in plantations that are at an elevation of over 600 meters above sea level. The harvesting process starts when the berries turn deep-red or dark purple in color. The best way to harvest these berries is by hand. The reason behind that is the variation in the ripening time of the fruits of the plant, just like the blueberry plant. You get a low-quality coffee if it is harvested before it is fully ripe.

The Taste

The taste of arabica coffee depends on several factors. These include the soil it was grown in, its specific roast and even the temperature it was brewed at. However, usually, the Arabica has a flavor that is slightly on the sweeter side of the spectrum. The acidity and bitterness are relatively mild in this coffee.

Most of the coffee that you see on the shelves are actually Arabica unless specified otherwise. If you would like to keep the flavors intact, it is important that the beans/powder be stored properly.

So now that you are better informed, you will be able to confidently contribute to the next coffee debate between you and your friends. Throw in some of these smart facts about Arabica coffee and amaze everyone. Or try Arabica of different brands and different roasts, and see if you can find the one that hits your sweet spot.