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What is Peaberry Kona Coffee?

While in the coffee aisle, you must have noticed the term ‘peaberry’ added to the names of coffee types like Kenya Gachami, Kona, etc. And you also must have noticed that the peaberry variants are more expensive than the regular ones. You want to try this.

However, you would like some information about it before investing in a huge jar of Kona peaberry. Worry not! Below is all some great information about the Kona peaberry coffee.

What is Peaberry?

Basically, the coffee beans in your kitchen are actually seeds of a coffee plant. These seeds were collected from the fruit of the plant, called the berry/cherry. The berries of most coffee plant varieties contain two beans each.

But due to a genetic anomaly, some berries contain only one seed or bean. And these berries are termed as peaberries. It’s been seen that around 5-10% of the coffee berries around the globe are peaberries. They are spotted by their round shape since each bean fills up a whole berry and is not flattened.

What is Kona Peaberry?

Firstly, Kona is a type of coffee grown in the North and South Kona Districts that fall in the area of Hawaii’s Big Island. The optimally fertile soils and ideal microclimate of this area make Kona’s Arabica beans great on the taste buds.

Specific regions including Kona, Brazil, Tanzania, and Kenya witness higher production of peaberries than the rest of the world. One reason behind that is there specialized infrastructure that allows for efficient separation of peaberries from the normal ones. So Kona peaberry is the coffee made from the peaberry beans of the Kona harvest.

Why is it Expensive?

Conventionally, the peaberries are hand-sorted from the regular two-beans containing berries. Also, the peaberry beans are round in shape and not flat like the regular beans. Therefore, they have to be roasted at a different temperature range and cannot be thrown in with the rest of the beans.

This means that these unique berries have to be separated before the roasting process commences. All these extra steps add to the cost of the coffee bean processing in the case of peaberries.

Does it Taste Better?

The peaberry beans have been known to give out a comparatively lighter and more acidy flavored cup of coffee. So, it is established that peaberry coffees are, in fact, different in flavor than regular coffees.

Nonetheless, the question still exists whether peaberry is better than its regular counterpart. That’s because taste and the degree of yumminess is a very subjective phenomenon. Some might find it better tasting and some night not.

Kona coffee is one of the most expensive and luscious coffees found in the world. If you are a fan of Kona and want to give your taste buds a shake, you must go for peaberry Kona. The already reputed Kona and that too in its premium peaberry range will definitely provide a delightful experience. And your newfound knowledge about the peaberry coffees will give you the strength you need to try this new variety.