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What is Cat Crap Coffee?

So, first we eat fish eggs and call it caviar, then we eat snails and call it escargot and now there’s cat crap coffee and we name it exotically, Kopi Luwak.

Does a rose by any other name still smell (taste!?!) as sweet?

What I want to know is who the heck tried this first?

My cat eats onions, but I’m not going to eat her crap to see if it has an onion nuance (well, not that I’d tell you anyway).

Did I mention Kopi Luwak is about $300-$600 a pound and in an upscale restaurant you can expect to pay $50 a cup!

Ok, so this urban legend really has some truth.

How is Kopi Luwak Made?

People pay big bucks for Kopi Luwak coffee beans that are eaten and digested by a three to ten-pound palm civet, or Luwak cat, then excreted and the digestive enzymes add a unique flavor to the beans (I bet).

What Does Kopi Luwak Taste Like?

The flavor is described as earthy, musty, syrupy, and smooth with rich, jungle undertones.

The bean itself is said to be harder, darker and more brittle than the regular coffee beans without the fecal matter.

The digestive process is said to cut some of the proteins resulting in a lower acidic coffee.

On a clean note… the beans are washed before sold, so bacteria is minimal.

You may think this is gross, but if you eat honey it goes through a similar process, as does argan oil.

‘Honey’ sounds a lot nicer than bee vomit, I think…but think about it next time someone calls you honey.

Are they being derogatory or, I hate to say it…sweet?

About the Cats Behind Cat Crap Coffee

The palm civet (Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus) and Luwak cats come from Ethiopia and Indonesia and use scent to eat the ripest and freshest coffee beans.

The Indonesian Coffee Exporters Associations says the reason for the high cost is only about 1000 kgs of it is harvested a year.

Weasel Coffee…?

There is also a little-known coffee which is called Weasel Coffee…I like to serve it to a bad date…muahahaha!

Just kidding!

It is along the same lines as Kopi Luwak except the beans are fed to weasels and they barf it up.

Allegedly, it has a stronger taste than the cat crap coffee, but the weasel vomit has a more chocolatey taste.

It hails from Vietnam and costs just over half the price of Kopi Luwak.