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How to Clean a Nespresso Machine

Nespresso machines are convenient machines that serve single pods. These are hassle-free machines but need to be cleaned regularly. There are two parts of the Nespresso machine which should be cleaned properly. These are the drip tray and capsule container. The important thing is to change the water every day.

There are two main ways to clean a Nespresso machine: daily cleaning and descaling. Here is some great information on both these ways:

Daily Cleaning

  • Remove the drip tray from your machine and wash it with dish detergent. Then wipe it off with a clean cloth. Make sure you scrub away any food build-up using a scrubber.
  • Wash the capsule cleaner the same way you washed the drip tray.
  • Remove the water tank and lid of the machine, wash both parts with dish detergent. Rinse them with warm water. Before reassembling the machine, make sure your water tank and lid are dried.
  • Use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the capsule detector lens. Don’t use water or detergent for cleaning the lens.
  • Wipe the external parts of the machine with a damp cloth regularly.


  • Empty the capsule container of all capsules and drip tray. Replace them into the machine and turn the machine on.
  • In every machine, you will find a descaling button. Press it.
  • Fill the water tank of the Nespresso machine with a descaling solution and add water. You can make your own descaling solution at home. You can use 1 part of citric acid with 20 parts of water. A blend of lemon juice and vinegar can also be used for this purpose.
  • Close the slider. Now, place a large bowl under the coffee outlet that will collect all the water from the tank.
  • Now, press any of the blinking coffee buttons. The machine will run water through the machine and discharge water into the container. When the machine stops expelling water through the outlet, you know it is done.
  • Pour the water in the bowl back into the water tank to carry out the descaling process again. Let it run through the system as in the previous step.
  • Filter out the solution that ran through the machine. Exclude the water tank, drip tray and cup from the machine.
  • Rinse all the parts properly with warm water to remove any descaling solution adhering to the machine.
  • Reassemble the machine once you have rinsed all parts and they are dried up.
  • Again, fill the water tank with drinking water and place the bowl back under the outlet. Click the blinking light to run the machine. This rinses the solution from the machine and pours out the water.
  • Repeat the rinsing process one or two times until the water being expelled from the machine is all clear. Once you have rinsed the machine, the descaling process is finished.
  • Before using, let the machine dry for a few minutes.

Nespresso machines are a blessing for those who have a busy lifestyle. So, proper cleaning of your Nespresso machine is a must. We hope this compact guide helps you keep your machine in great shape.