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French Press vs Drip: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a coffee lover, sometimes you might be confused about whether to go for a French press coffee or drip coffee. Both of these machines are very popular and useful in different applications. The benefits of both machines depend on the coffee drinker as per their flavor preferences and desired consistency. Here, we will acquaint you with the differences between French press and drip coffee.

French Press

French press machines are also known as a coffee plunger, cafeteria, press pot, and coffee press. This machine is a simply designed coffee machine. It basically contains a cylindrical beaker in which you fill your preferred coffee grounds along with the hot water. Then you to stir the grounds properly, put the lid on and allow the coffee grounds to go in the right direction. So, making coffee using the French press is quite easy and straight forward.

Drip Coffee Machine

We can find drip machines everywhere around us. Drip machines are perfect when you want ready-to-drink coffee without much wait.

You have to place a paper filter into the machine and add coffee grounds and water into the reservoir. The water will start flowing through into an aluminum tube contained inside the heating element.

The boiling of water will create bubbles on the second tube. Small bubbles of the water will flow into the drip area where water needs to be dispersed into the evenly ground coffee. The water presses through the coffee grounds which finally creates a tasteful coffee.

French Press vs. Drip

  • Drip machine is used to make several cups together, which is the main benefit of this machine. Drip machines can make 12 or more cups of coffee in one cycle. Whereas, the French press can only make 1 or 2 cups in one go. Some new versions of the French press can make 5- 6 cups, but still, don’t fall at par with the drip machine.
  • A French press requires coarse coffee grounds. Drip machine requires a medium grind of beans.
  • Time taken to brew using a French press is 5-8 minutes. This allows a few minutes to boil water and a couple of minutes for brewing. A drip machine will take more time for brewing, around 6-10 minutes. In this, you have to wait for the machine to heat up, brew the coffee and let the coffee drip down into the coffee pot.
  • Now, let’s talk about reliability. A French press is more reliable as compared to the drip machine. That’s because it has no mechanical parts and it can easily be fitted in a backpack. But you can definitely not fit a drip machine in your bag given its gigantic build.

It is highly important that you go for the right kind of appliance if you want your coffee to come out the way you wanted. Coffee making is not only about buying the best coffee beans or the right kind of milk or sugar. It is also about the machines that it is prepared in.