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French Presses

5 Best Coarse Ground Coffee for French Press

While there may be numerous other coffee brewing methods available today, one method that still remains a favorite in many households is the French Press. In fact, most coffee enthusiasts…

How to Use a French Press

French press, simply put, is a highly popular coffee machine used in households as well as commercially. Coffee lovers across the world are usually well-versed with the functioning of a…

French Press 101

A French press gives you a quality cup of coffee every time, but it’s not the ideal option for just everyone. After all, it’s going to require a little bit more work on your part and it’s definitely going to need more finesse. That’s because this type of coffee maker is going to have you up close and personal with the coffee grounds themselves. But you can’t beat the coffee you get in the end.

If you’re looking to make espresso or just a good, quality cup of coffee these are a great tool. Even better, you don’t need to have power or special gadgets to do it. With this type of coffee maker, you’ll just need boiling water, coffee grounds, and your press. And, of course, a cup that you’re going to pour your coffee into when you’re done brewing it.

Using a French Press

The process is simple because all you need to do is boil the water, pour it into the press along with your coffee grounds and mix everything together. The boiling water will pull the flavor out of the coffee grounds and because you’re mixing them instead of just pouring water through them you will get a much stronger cup of coffee. From there, you just press down the plunger and pour the coffee into your cup, trapping the grounds in the press.

Even if it seems relatively simple to do, not every French press is going to give you exactly the same quality or the same experience. That’s why it’s crucial that you find the best French press to add to your morning (or any time of the day) routine. You want something that’s going to be high quality and durable so that you can use it again and again.

What Makes a Good French Press?

With a high-quality French press you’re generally looking for glass, which doesn’t leach any flavor into your coffee. You’re also looking for a plunger that is made with stainless steel or another material that won’t rust and won’t impart flavor. And you want to be sure that it’s going to catch as much of the grounds as possible so you don’t wind up with them in your coffee.

Overall, finding the right French press is going to be the difference between having the perfect cup of coffee or espresso in the morning and having something subpar that makes you want to stop at a coffee shop instead.