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Buyer’s Guide for Choosing a Coffee Maker

Choosing a coffee maker is not as easy as it may seem.

There are many things to consider besides price.

You really need to know what your needs are and what the right coffee maker is for you.

There’s no way I would ever get a one cup coffee machine because I drink far, far too much coffee and one cup is just never enough.

In fact, one coffee pot is just not nearly enough on most days.

Therefore, if you’re considering a new purchase these are the things you should research:

Coffee Cup Size

How many cups does the coffee machine make?

Brew Time

How long does the coffeemaker take to brew? Is there a timer?


Does the coffee maker have to be cleaned extensively? If so, how often?

Water Filtration

Does the coffee maker have a carbon filter and how often does it have to be replaced? How easy is it to purchase the filters?

Glass Coffee Pot vs. Thermal Carafe

Do you like the bitter taste of coffee, which has been sitting in a glass carafe on a warming plate?

Do you like to see how much coffee you made by looking at the glass?

Perhaps, you would rather a thermal carafe, which doesn’t reheat the coffee and can keep the coffee warm for up to 3 hours (if you like thermal carafes, I highly recommend the Cuisinart Grind & Brew thermal coffee maker).

Or, do you drink a pot fast enough that it really doesn’t matter.


If you live in a place over 5000 feet above sea level, you will require a special coffee maker. Bunn makes high altitude machines. A coffee pod machine is a really bad idea because it uses pressure.

Coffee Beans

We all know that coffee should be ground right before use for better, fresh flavor. There are machines out there now, which not only brew a great cup of coffee but also will grind the beans. Some machines even have a timer. I highly recommend the Cuisinart Grind & Brew coffeemaker.

Coffee Maker Price

Coffeemaker’s prices generally vary from about $20 (or sometimes less) to $ 200 and upwards. Do you drink enough coffee to buy a high-end machine?


Do you have the right amperage in your home to use certain coffee machines? Do you like a hotter cup of coffee? Do your homework!


How long is the warranty? Is it for parts or parts and labor? Will it cover the cost to return the machine?

The average is 1 year to 3 years.

KitchenAid has a fantastic warranty and great customer service.

Coffee Strength

Does the machine let you choose a strength? Can you make less than a full pot of coffee?


Is the machine noisy? Will it wake your family in the morning? The grinding coffee makers generally are pretty loud at 6 am.

Specialty Coffees

Do you like specialty coffees like café lattes, espresso or café mochas, etc? If you do then you have to decide if you want a combination coffee maker/espresso machine or separate machines?


Buying a new coffee maker can certainly be a daunting task, so hopeful this short buyer’s guide will help you make the right decision.