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6 Best Siphon Coffee Makers

Any dedicated coffee enthusiast or homebrewer has no doubt heard about or seen the siphon coffee maker. It is an extremely beautiful and functional machine. A coffee made from the siphon brewer is hard to beat, despite being one of the oldest known coffee makers.

Considering how this sophisticated brewer is back on-trend within the exciting realms of the coffee world, you are probably on the lookout for one to impress your fellow baristas and enthusiasts. After all, the siphon maker is known to be the most theatrical among brew methods.

Best Overall
Hario "Technica" Glass Syphon Coffee Maker, 600ml
Runner Up
Hario "Next" Glass Syphon Coffee Maker, 600ml
Best Budget
Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon (Syphon) Coffee Maker 5 Cups
Best Overall
Hario "Technica" Glass Syphon Coffee Maker, 600ml
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Runner Up
Hario "Next" Glass Syphon Coffee Maker, 600ml
Check Price
Best Budget
Kendal Glass Tabletop Siphon (Syphon) Coffee Maker 5 Cups
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Best Siphon Coffee Maker Reviews

We know everyone deserves only the best, so, we’ve compiled a list of 6 Best Siphon Coffee Brewers. Give it a look!

1. Hario Technica Siphon Coffee Maker – Best Overall Product

The glass technica siphon comes from the brand Hario, one of Japan’s finest siphon coffee brewers. It has an easy and impressionable design with both the upper and lower chamber constructed from a borosilicate heat-resistant glass.

Did you know you can even adjust brew strength with these? As siphon coffee brewers are handled manually, you can control the number of grounds and in turn, get a smooth customized drink. Combine that with the stainless steel filter and rest assured, you’ll never have to drink bitter tasteless coffee ever again.

The stand and burner are also made with stainless steel, so, expect nothing less than a long-lasting partnership out of this one. You’ll have no trouble cleaning this with its brass fasteners and aluminum windbreak with easy set-up.

At the end of the day, a good cup of coffee is to be expected with the Technica, considering how these can even turn the most mediocre beans into a flavorful and clean brew. Plus it is a huge space saver along with a capacity to serve 5 cups of full-flavored coffee.


  • Supports butane burner
  • Efficient vacuum
  • Space-friendly


  • Slow
  • Alcohol burner leaves soot

2. Hario NEXT Siphon Coffee Maker – The Runner Up

When it comes to attractive design and flavorful coffee brewing, siphon coffee brewers are legit the best. And the Hario NEXT is a proper candidate for such a device. It has a sturdy and durable frame, courtesy of the borosilicate heat-resistant glass.

You’ll have no trouble navigating your brewing with its spacious upper chamber and a plastic stirrer. Both the stand and burner covers are constructed with robust stainless steel. An ergonomic handle with a silicone cover ensures you get efficient handling without burning your hands.

There’s also no need to spend extra bucks on a filter as the Hario filter is completely reusable. Just pick your selection with either the stainless metal or the cloth-based and you’re good to go. It comes with an alcohol burner but supports butane as well.

For added support, it has the brass fasteners and aluminum windbreak. Simply put, this is an insanely clever device with a minimalistic set-up for easy use.


  • Easy to use
  • Re-useable filters
  • Ergonomic silicone handle


  • Bit pricy
  • Average serve capacity

3. Kendal Tabletop Siphon Coffee Machine – Best Budget Product

There’s science, there’s coffee, and then there’s the Kendal siphon maker that uses both. This is an intriguing coffee brewer supported by clear chambers that showcases gravity-infused coffee making. The result is a rich, smooth, and authentic cup of coffee.

The taste is further enhanced by the cloth filter, offering a clean taste by keeping those micro-grounds away. Its reusability is a bonus. For convenience, you get an attachable lid cover, a plastic measuring spoon along with a bamboo stirrer.

What’s the firepower? Well, you get the ethanol burner that keeps an efficient burn to keep the brewing process even. It is a crowd-pleaser. Additionally, you get to serve about 5 cups per brew.

Overall, this siphon maker holds up pretty well, withstanding a temperature of 300F, thanks to its heat-resisting borosilicate glass. This is a sturdy placement ensured by the silicone gasket and stainless steel stand with a comfortable handle. Combine that with the easy-use, easy-clean features, and what more can one ask for!


  • Durable chambers
  • Affordable
  • Robust


  • Moderate heating
  • Slow brew

4. Bodum PEBO Coffee Brewer

Drinking coffee brewed from the Bodum PEBO siphon maker will be like experiencing a warm ceremonial caffeine event on your taste palate. Its vacuum brewing process offers a vibrant taste through rich coffee oil extraction.

This entire process is housed by a two-chambered glass structure with a comfortable grip for increased productivity. The chambers itself are resistant to heat and supports a plastic filter although the option isn’t limited and you can go for other types of filters as well.

While the Pebo doesn’t come with a burner, you can use the brewer on any stove available. This helps to calibrate faster brew time and consistent temperature. Depending on the water you use, it can brew a flavorful batch of coffee within 5-11 minutes.

Capacity wise, the chamber can hold about 34 ounces of water that equates to around 8 cups in a single-serve. The brew strength completely depends on you as the siphon maker requires manual ground adjustment and brewing.


  • Great vacuum
  • User-friendly
  • Durable glass material


  • Does not include burner
  • Average filter

5. Boeng Tabletop Siphon Coffee Brewer

If you love coffee and minimalistic appliances then this siphon coffee maker from Boeng is the perfect pick for you. It has a compact yet sophisticated design with glass chambers made from heat-resisting polypropylene.

Thanks to its easy set-up and access, all you have to do is simply pour the coffee grounds, stir, and let it sit for some time. Rest assured, you’ll have an exquisite and nuanced cup of coffee in a matter of minutes.

The maximum serving capacity for the brewer is 3 cups. It features the alcohol burner, which keeps a consistent heat but if you want more speed, the brewer is also compatible with a butane burner.

You’ll likely have a clean taste with the cloth filters as it preserves the natural oils of coffee grounds. In addition to this, you get all the necessary parts needed for the perfect brewing. This includes a long plastic coffee spoon for the grounds and a burner cotton wick.


  • Space-saver
  • Supports butane burner
  • Easy set-up and access


  • Difficult clean-up
  • Slow alcohol burner

6. Diguo Belgium Siphon Coffee Machine

The last one on the list is the Belgium siphon coffee maker from Diguo and it is a stunning piece of work. With rose gold plated finishes, u-handle, and wooden base, it looks like something straight out of a sci-fiction film. But it’ll look even better in your kitchen!

Aesthetics aside, it provides a well-balanced coffee with an aromatic and clean flavor profile. You can say goodbye to bitter, tasteless coffee with the vacuum extraction and natural cloth filter that strips the bitterness away while keeping the original taste intact.

The filter is environment friendly and completely reusable. Just clean it routinely and you’ll save yourself a fortune on filters. It has a 500ml brewing capacity. Granted, it’s not the largest but unless you’re planning on running a café, it will pair well with your daily caffeine needs.

Great equipment deserves to have a durable life. Thankfully, it comes with a vacuum flask made of stainless steel and a borosilicate brewing flask along with medical graded silicon steal. Lastly, you get a coffee scooper and a water measuring cup.


  • Great aesthetic appeal
  • Re-useable filter
  • Well-built


  • Small brew capacity
  • High maintenance

Siphon Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Siphon Classic Coffee Maker

For the not so well-versed customers, here are some factors to consider when purchasing siphon coffee makers.


Today, most siphon brewers are made from glass, particularly Borosilicate glass – a material known to withstand and resist heat naturally. This means a siphon brewer made from high-quality borosilicate will be durable enough to stand daily use unless you drop it off your counter.

Also, the tabletop siphon makers feature a stand for brewer suspension over the burner. Usually, the stand materials include plastic, wood, metal, and silicon although, the silicon is considered to handle heat better as compared to others. In the end, just make sure you don’t cheap out with the materials as it is crucial.

Brew Filter

For brew filters, the siphon coffee models are typically associated with cloth filters. After all, cloth filters are incredibly effective in removing nearly all the micro-ground bits and fines. But this also means high-maintenance for the filters.

If these are not well-rinsed and immediately dried, the cloth material will catch mildew and practically ruin the filter. Another efficient alternative would be to opt for a stainless steel custom perforated filter. This will not only make the cloth and the metal durable but also make it easy to clean.


For tabletop siphon brewers, there are 3 kinds of burners: halogen, butane, and alcohol. The alcohol or spirit burner is the least expensive one. The only downside is, difficult heat regulation and a soot mark at the bottom while the butane burner sits somewhere in the middle in terms of cost with a cleaner and even burn.

Lastly, there’s the halogen burner which is often considered as the elite member among burners. It carries off a sleek design and precise temperature controls but they are quite expensive. If you’re confused over the selection, the best thing to do is look for a siphon brewer that can accommodate all 3.

Siphon Coffee Machine FAQs


As an intriguing piece of equipment, the siphon brewer gets regular queries. As such, here are some questions frequently visited by various customers.

How Does a Siphon Coffee Maker Work?

If you’re looking for a short answer then, simply put, it’s science. But for a more detail-oriented answer, here’s how these coffee machine work. It consists of two chambers – the first one or the bottom is filled with water and heated. As vapor pressurizes, the water rises to the upper chamber.

Here, this upper chamber is mixed with coffee grounds. The water and ground mixture is then pulled back down the bottom chamber due to a pressure drop known as the “vacuum” effect (thanks to gravity), through a filter that sits below the upper chamber. With all the gravitational magic done, the bottom chamber is at last filled with brewed coffee.

Do Siphon Coffee Machines Need a Filter?

Yes, siphon coffee makers most certainly need and use filters. It’s a critical part of the device and it is placed at the bottom of the upper chamber. It behaves as a contributory member for the rich and smooth taste of the coffee as it keeps micro-grounds away.

It is recommended that you use a clean filter and for a more hygienic approach, soak it in a warm bath for about 5 minutes. As siphon filters typically consist of a fine cloth wrapped in metal, make sure to maintain a regular rinse and clean routine

Does Siphon Coffee Taste Better?

Siphon brewer is known to produce a vibrant flavor that no drip brewer can imitate. The flavor is taken to be more nuanced and delicate. As the brewing process of siphon brewer tends to cut down the intense flavors, it allows the more subtle taste tones to shine. This partly attributes to the special siphon filter as well.

It keeps the micro-grounds from dropping into the final brew while holding on to the natural coffee ground oil. This takes away the grittiness of micro-grounds and allows its crisp acid to slip out more. Thus, it results in a creamy and rich aromatic flavor that adds a complex, vibrant tone to your brew.

Find the Best Siphon Brewer That’s Right for You

Though there is the involvement of a learning curve, brewing with a siphon coffee maker certainly offers a rewarding and captivating experience. And as exciting as it may sound, they can also be quite expensive. But we assure you, the investment is worth it if you’re willing to give it a try.

Plus you get to have an exquisite piece of coffee art, so, if you’re on the lookout for a siphon brewer, stand down from making any hasty decisions. Try to understand and consider the brewing functions, the taste, and see if it suits your preferences and lifestyle especially if you want the best siphon brewer.