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6 Best Jura Coffee Machines

A cup of coffee is undoubtedly the best way to start your day. Not only does it remove fatigue off your body but it gets you all energized for a new day. Ever since, shiny coffee makers became a hit, the need for excellent coffee machines around the workplace or home is increasing.

Whether you are a first-timer or simply looking for an upgrade, a high-quality coffee machine is a must. It has to be accessible, reliable, and not to forget durable. Keeping that in mind, we’re starting with Jura. Jura is a Swiss company whose brand is known for its excellent range of coffee machines and aroma g3 grinder technology.

Best Overall
Jura A1 Super Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Piano Black
Runner Up
Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Black
Jura ENA 1 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Micro Black
Best Overall
Jura A1 Super Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Piano Black
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Runner Up
Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Black
Check Price
Jura ENA 1 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Micro Black
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Best Jura Coffee Machine Reviews

Based on overall performance and features, here are 6 of the Best Jura Coffee Makers currently available for purchase.

1. Jura A1 Super Coffee Machine – Best Overall Jura Coffee Machine

Looking for a caffeine rush? The Jura A1 automated coffee maker is the fix you need. It is a beautiful machine that comes in a black finish with equally seductive and sleek clean lines, all held together by a stainless steel construction perfect for making all kinds of specialty coffees.

Aesthetics aside, the machine contains the thermoblock heating system backed by a 15 bar pressure pump. This means you get to have more power in your hands. Drinks are more consistent and you can switch between two different strength levels.

Performance-wise, you get a simple and quick interface with the symbol control panel. A visible bean container offers easy access and the aroma burr grinder grounds the beans to heavenly perfection. The Jura CLEARYL blue filter provides a fine brew and an adjustable spout sits well with your mug arrangement.

Let’s not forget the automated shut-off and self-cleaning program that takes both convenience and safety into consideration. The input capacity carries about 37 ounce of water and 4.4 beans, which is enough to serve your daily intake.

If you’re looking for barista quality coffee found at the touch of a button, this is the coffee maker for you!


  • Adjustable spout
  • Compact and quick
  • One-touch convenience


  • Small water tank
  • Average drink temperature

2. Jura D6 – The Runner Up

If you want a neat and versatile machine for a kitchen upgrade then the Jura D6 is the perfect pick. It is easy, customizable, and equipped with a smart operation to enable instant configuration at the touch of your hands.

You’ll get not one or two but six specialty drinks via the machines optimized rotary switch function and clear text display. Now, did someone say extra milk foam? Yes! You get to top off your specialty drinks with a layer of fine milk foam, all thanks to its easy cappuccino system.

The Jura AromaG2 grinder is pretty self-explanatory in the sense that it provides an explosion of freshly ground beans. But it doesn’t end here. An optimized pulse extraction process further ensures the ground beans with an intact flavor. This aromatic sensation is met by the D6 intelligent water system that filters and preserves the water.

This means you’re getting a full-on enhanced cup of Joe. The machine is linked by RFID wireless technology, simply operate it from your smartphone or tablet. Overall, it keeps consistent performance, making it one of the best machines the brand has to offer.


  • Customizable drink setting
  • Easy operation
  • Wireless smart connection


  • Not ideal for dark roast
  • Moderate serving

3. Jura ENA 1

The Jura ENA 1 is an insanely compact machine that comes with a durable blend of ABS plastic and stainless steel construction. Its slim figure is compatible with small spaces yet functional enough to deliver a cup of coffee without a dent on the aroma and flavor.

It has a user-friendly touch interface that makes it easy to brew not-so-easy drinks like an espresso. Moreover, the machine is programmed to offer not just coffee and espresso but lungo and ristretto, which are backed by an-inbuilt water filtration unit.

You’ll get a selection of two aroma levels that are met by equally aromatic fresh ground beans. Serviced by the in-built burr grinder system, the 7-ounce bean container with aroma-preservation lid offers fresh safe-keeping.

To prevent over-extraction and bitter taste, a micro-brewing unit follows up with consistently efficient extraction. For extra safety, the drinks are supported by an in-built water filtration unit and intelligent pre-heating to ensure a balanced drink temperature. Additionally, you get a cleaning tablet and a water test strip.


  • Features auto-off function
  • Multiple drink option
  • Stable water temperature


  • Does not support frothing
  • Moderate bean container

4. Jura E6

For all the work enthusiasts, the Jura E6 is ‘the’ revolutionizing coffee maker to start a revolution. It is intuitive and features interactive minimal technology to transport several functions with a simple touch.

You get coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and milk foam, all placed on the frontal surface of the machine. If this isn’t convenient enough then you get the stellar pre-programmed drink feature fused with 6 specialty drinks, bringing the café to the comfort of your home.

Keeping versatile customization in mind, the Jura E6 offers 8 levels of coffee intensity to meet every taste palate. Strong, light and medium coffee lovers can finally unite without a debate. All the while, a modern color display guides you through a fun coffee brewing process.

The machine offers up to 2 drink preparations at one go while the optimized extraction time keeps the flavor profile in check. An integrated maintenance program ensures easy cleaning and the interchangeable spout looks after drink hygiene.


  • Customizable brew selection
  • Supports milk frothing
  • Automated and user-friendly


  • No heating surface
  • Difficult bean swap

5. Jura S8

Every smart home deserves a smart appliance like the Jura S8 – an automatic coffee maker that comes with a touch integrated color display. You’ll get about 8 programmable positions, all of which are paired with the intuitive press and easy accessibility.

This introduces various programmable settings in terms of coffee, brew-strength, and volume. You can prepare up to 15 quality drink specialties ranging from coffee, espresso, flat white, cappuccino, and more at a simple touch.

For easy-operation, the Fine Foam FrotherG2 comes with operating instructions that walk you through preparation steps for steamed and foamed specialties. A fast and precise burr grinder ensures intense flavor with fresh bean grinding.

A final pulse extraction feature and inbuilt smart filter system guard the authentic flavor profile by limiting over-extraction and water impurities. The machine sports a 64 oz. water reservoir and 10 oz. bean storage. Lastly, it comes with the Jura J.O.E application, meaning you can now operate the appliance via your cellular device.



  • Medium drink temperature
  • Small cup platform

6. Jura E8

The Jura E8 does not fall short of expectations when it narrows down to finding the perfect balance between performance and playfulness. It is user-friendly with a clear display screen and easy operation with the touch of a button while the J.O.E or Jura Operating Experience application offers full machine navigation from your smartphone.

To get your coffee, cappuccino, and every caffeine beverage started, this machine provides a selection of 16 quality specialties. But what’s a drink without the beans? Thankfully, you get the AromaG3 fast burr grinder that offers the freshest ground beans. This means more flavor and more taste.

Next, it is the equally fast Pulse Extraction Process or P.E.P that ensures an efficient coffee extraction to get the perfect brew. For the milk foam and steam enthusiasts, the machine features the FrotherG2 fused with fine foam technology delivering up on all your favorite milk specialties.

Plus, a manual transition allows you to have complete control over milk texture and consistency. This means you can create all types of latte art whenever and however you want with the E8. This entire brewed aromatic system is carried by the 64 oz. water tank and a 10 oz. bean carrier.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Allows manual transition
  • Features self-cleaning


  • Shallow and long dip tray
  • Uses a lot of water

Jura Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Cup of coffee

Here are some basic factors to consider when purchasing a Jura coffee maker for a long-lasting result.

Brew Selector

Regular coffee will always be the ultimate drink but it wouldn’t be so bad to switch between a drink or experiment with different intensities every now and then. Plus setting your preferred brew strengths will certainly taste better than the default set-up.

As such, it would be helpful to look for a coffee maker with an adjustable brew strength selector. This is highly recommended if you have a large family as this will offer different brewing options like light, medium, and strong. Also, it can brew bolder drinks like an espresso.

Easy and Useful Controls

Coffee makers are not the most basic machines in terms of navigation and controls. There are plenty of these that employ dozens of options that result in complicated and difficult usage. Moreover, complex coffee machines tend to be more expensive.

To avoid this, what you can do is look for a machine that doesn’t go overboard with controls but provides a balanced setting. For instance, a brew timer, self-cleaning option, minimal cup setting, and an auto-off button are considered to be a good start for keeping things easy and functional.

Water Filtration

Water filtration is very crucial. After all, the coffee that we drink is almost entirely made up of water meaning water purity goes hand in hand with the quality of your coffee. If impurities are left unchecked, certain aromatic flavors may be altered if not completely erased.

Sure, you can use a separate filter to clear out the impurity but that means more inconvenience on your end. And nobody likes the extra work, so, it will be better to opt for a machine that comes with an in-built water filtration system to cast away those impurities.

Jura Coffee Machine FAQs

Espresso machine

Here, we have compiled some of the questions as frequently asked by customers regarding the coffee makers and their operation.

How Do You Open a Jura Coffee Maker?

Remove the 2 Torx screws located at the top of the machine with a screwdriver (make sure it’s T15 model). Then using your finger, gently lift it upwards. Continue with it until the clips have released the side panels of the machine.

To release the inner clips (of the side panel), use either a hammer or a strong mallet; using this, tap the medium of the machine. Continue removing the other side panels with this same technique. On a side note, make sure you read up on the model of your Jura machine to get more insight, before any operation. Most Jura models come with a comprehensive manual so you shouldn’t struggle too much!

How Do You Reset a Jura?

Every model comes with a slightly different internal system and functions but most reset generally relates to restoring a particular function to the factory version. As such, you can find the machine or factory setting option in the display program.

Now, if you choose the ‘all user setting’, the machine will reset in this area. If you select the product option, it will reset water volume, coffee strength, and such. When it comes to resetting, it is highly recommended to read up on the user’s manual as provided by Jura to better understand the procedure.

What’s the Best Way to Decalcify a Jura Machine?

Descaling concerns are very common when it comes to coffee machines. It is incredibly important and requires a certain level of maintenance as well. And of course, one of the best ways to start the process is to use Jura’s very own decalcifying solution, which is the Jura descaling packets.

Once you get started with the packets, the decalcifying process will take about 45 minutes. Another option for decalcifying is going natural. This means you can save money by using natural-based solutions like white vinegar, citric acid, baking soda, and more.

Find the Best Jura Coffee Maker That’s Right for You

Jura is one of the many brands that offer advanced and quality machines in terms of reliable coffee making. The machines are compact yet powerful enough to meet the daily caffeine demands of not just your home but your workplace as well.

These machines are versatile enough to meet all your specific needs. This means there is a Jura coffee maker out there to suit your every mood and preference. Just take your time with your selection instead of rushing in on the purchase as they don’t come cheap.