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5 Best Espresso Machines over $1000

For a richer, creamier, and authentic experience, the espresso machine is the right way to go. On top of making a variety of delicious drinks that jiggle your taste buds and knock out the senses, this modern appliance also offers many coffee enthusiasts a platform to explore the craft of coffee-making.

From different roaster types to customized drinks, it can handle a whole lot. Yes, it does take a bit of learning and time to get around it but as long as you have the right machine, you’ll be right on track with some aromatic espresso making. And we have some great ones in store for you!

Best Overall
De'Longhi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine with Latte Crema System, Black
Runner Up
Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel, BES990BSS
Gaggia Babila RI9700/64 espresso Machine, Stainless Steel
Best Overall
De'Longhi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine with Latte Crema System, Black
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Runner Up
Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel, BES990BSS
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Gaggia Babila RI9700/64 espresso Machine, Stainless Steel
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Best Espresso Machines over $1000 Reviews

Taking into consideration its features, design, and overall performance output, here are 5 of the Best Espresso Machines over $1000. See if it suits your preference!

1. De’Longhi Smart Espresso Machine – Best Overall Espresso Machine

The espresso maker from De’Longhi is a smart machine that gets the job done with a simple touch of a button. It has a digital display panel with easy access and interaction while the double shot feature doubles your favorite drink in height, milk, and coffee.

Combine that with the stainless steel integrated burr grinder and you get the goodness of freshly ground beans. But that’s not all. The grinder features 13 adjustable settings and a second chamber for pre-ground beans. This means you get to have decaf, regular, and specialty whenever you want.

In terms of heating and preparation, the machine offers two separate elements – one for espresso and one for milk. This helps maintain perfect temperature balance while making espressos and cappuccinos. Plus, you never have to wait on reheating whenever you brew another cup. Unlike other machines, maintenance comes pretty easy with this one.

All you have to do is put in half of your regular cleaning time all thanks to its extractable brew unit that self-adjusts after a shot or two of espresso. And rounding up the machine is the 60 ounce of water tank with filtration system and level indicator. This makes it easily one of the best espresso machines over $1000.


  • Digital and smart touch interface
  • Supports adjustable grinder setting
  • Compact design and high spout


  • Noisy
  • Limited adjustment for foam

2. Breville Automated Espresso Machine – The Runner Up

Another automated marvel is this awesome espresso machine from Breville. It only requires a simple swipe to revolutionize the way you drink quality espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos and all of it within the comforts of your home. It has an automated burr grinder that grinds, tamps, and doses about 22-gm of coffee.

The machine features the oracle touch that uses the technology known as PID to digitally control water temperature. This helps in maintaining the perfect balance much needed in quality espressos. It is backed by low-pressure pre-infusion that provides a gradual pressure increase for gentle grind expansion.

The extraction process is further enhanced by the overpressure valve (OPV) – a feature that limits maximum pressure during the extraction process. For textured micro-foam, the steam wand comes to the rescue. Powered with a dedicated steam boiler, it automatically manages milk texture and temperature according to your preference.

As if that isn’t enough, the steam boiler is equipped with a triple heat system, meaning you’ll get thermal stability and precise water temperature control. For added control and convenience, the touch operation offers up to 8 coffee settings, completely customizable along with adjustable grind control.


  • Triple heat system
  • Features the oracle touch
  • Easy use and quick cleaning


  • Frothing uses a lot of milk
  • Loud

3. Gaggia Stainless Steel Espresso Machine

The Gaggio espresso machine provides the perfect blend of automatic and manual machine work. It comes with a detachable and automatic milk carafe, making it easy to handle milk-based drinks with a simple tap and cleans automatically as well. The manual bit of the machine is the steam wand that doubles as a hot water dispenser.

This allows you to texture the milk in any way, especially when it comes to creating quality latte art and airy froth cappuccinos. It also aids in customizing various milk-based drinks according to your preference. For switching between strong and light espresso without over extracting, a flow knob is provided.

As far as coffee brewing compatibility goes, the machine can host both whole bean and pre-ground coffee which is supported by a ceramic burr grinder along with a bypass doser. The programmable feature further includes 8 brewing options and a manually adjustable coffee dispenser.

You can rest well knowing it requires very little maintenance, given its removable brew group and water reservoir. It comes out pretty easily and offers easy cleaning access. Some added accessories include a bottle of descaler, water filter, test strip for water-hardness, brew group lubricant, brush, and grinder key/coffee scoop.


  • Automatic, detachable milk carafe
  • Includes multiple machine accessories
  • Supports multiple coffee options


  • Plastic material
  • Liquid measurement unit not present

4. Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

If you’re on the lookout for a premium espresso machine with a dual boiler then this is it. The dual boiler comes in stainless steel with dual Italian pumps to prompt simultaneous extraction and steaming. This is supported by a heated group head with digital temperature control to keep concise water temperature under wraps.

To make sure the flavors are rich and solid, the portafilter can hold off about 20gm of fresh ground beans. This allows the coffee to have a full, authentic, and intense flavor. See to it that you’re using the required amount to avoid watery coffee.

Looking into the digital aspect, it is supported by the over-pressure valve that limits extraction pressure to avoid bitter coffee flavor. A flexible shot and electronic temperature are also provided for precise temperature control. This is very crucial in crafting out consistently balanced coffee extraction and taste.

Finally, a backlit LCD houses the brew temperature and shot clock or timer. You can either choose between one or two espresso shots. Also, it supports manual control over espresso output or dosage for your cup. Overall, the machine is assisted by an LCD descale procedure, test strip for water hardness, and alerts for descaling.


  • Produces excellent steam
  • Includes double boiler
  • Precise LCD control


  • Provides average pressure control
  • Slow warm-up

5. De’Longhi Digital Espresso Machine

With a great design aesthetic and digital function, the De’Longhi espresso machine offers a solid win for those who want a compact automatic espresso maker. It comes in a glossy black finish with an integrated burr grinder, also stainless steel, and can be adjusted when grinding fresh beans.

The grinder sports a second chamber for pre-ground brewing as well. Infused with De’Longhi’s very own LatteCrema system, it creates the perfect espresso layers that are rich and dense with long-lasting foam. A maximum height of 5.5-inch matches the machine and two heating elements are provided.

One works for espresso preparation and the other for milk, giving you the perfectly balanced taste of cappuccino and espresso while ditching out on tiresome reheating wait every time you brew. The automatic brewing further initiates consistent brewing temperature, density, and richness.

The programmable and customizable feature of the machine aids in creating better drinks as you can set it according to your taste. Rest assured, the machine will register all the details from temperature and strength to the milk-espresso ratio. And it only requires minimal maintenance and cleaning.


  • Versatile with programmable features
  • Consistent froth operation
  • Easy and quick clean-up


  • Not compatible with dark roast beans
  • Moderate water temperature

High-Quality Espresso Machine Buying Guide

Commercial espresso machine

Looking forward to purchasing a new espresso machine? Here are some quick features to analyze before you set the purchase on stone.

Pressure Pump

The pressure pump is one of the most essential features of an espresso machine. It is the key to flavor extraction and great coffee. The most preferable pressure pump is the 15 and 9-bar pump with the latter being the standard and minimum pressure pump in most espresso machines.

You can always go for a more powerful pump if you want, as it unlocks more flavor. But the downside is, it runs a great risk of over-extracting the coffee. The best thing you can do is avoid inexpensive machines that are fitted with the ‘reciprocating’ pump as they can be cheap and noisy with inconsistent pressure output.

Frothing Capabilities

This is a feature that largely depends on the type of coffee you brew. If you’re a sucker for cappuccinos, macchiato, and Americanos then the frothing capability of an espresso machine is a must-have feature to consider. For the machine to froth the milk correctly, it needs to have a spout to pass pressurized milk.

The pressure needs to have the right PSI and temperature to get the right drink, so, make sure you don’t cut back on the quality of the machine as well. As most people rarely go for only one kind of drink, this needs to be kept under tight inspection to avail various options. Yes, this goes out to those who only drink black coffee as well.

Machine Aesthetics

The appearance of a machine may seem trivial and is often overlooked. But that shouldn’t discourage you from investing your attention to the aesthetic details of a machine. After all, this will bring a huge visual change in your décor. For instance, stainless steel is great if you want a machine that stands out.

Also, some factors to consider in the visual area is the color, spout, and plug placement. Factoring in on aesthetics will not only provide visuals but also have an impact on your brewing operations. This means you’ll have to choose a machine that suits your décor while also enhancing its brewing function.

Espresso Machine FAQs

Baristas at small coffee shop

To ease your buzzing mind on the state of espresso makers, here are some frequently asked questions on an espresso machine.

Can Espresso Machines Make Regular Coffee?

No, espresso machines most certainly cannot make regular coffee. The difference lies in the way brewed coffee largely differs from an espresso in terms of how they are made. Both regular coffee and espresso use coffee beans but that’s pretty much it. This means the machine cannot make drip coffee as well.

If you’re keen to brew coffee and espresso, you’ll have to go for the multi-purpose espresso machine. On another note, an espresso machine can make Americano which is pretty close to regular coffee taste-wise. It may not taste exactly like your regular cup of Joe but it gets the work done.

How Does an Espresso Machine Work?

The first thing an espresso machine requires to function is water which comes either from the machine’s water reservoir or a supply line. Next, the water is pushed through the portafilter which holds ground coffee with a pressure level of 9 bars pump. This pressurized water is then held and heated through a boiler.

The group head located at the front is what connects the dots. In short, here’s what happens. When an espresso shot is pulled, the group head supplies hot water through the compacted coffee and flows out the bottom of the portafilter, thus creating espresso.

Why Are Espresso Machines So Expensive?

The expensive price tag of espresso machines has a lot to do with a variety of internal and external components. Automatic espresso machines consist of parts like the group head, thermoblock, steam wand, portafilters, grinder, and more, which alone does not come cheap. Additionally, quality also affects the price.

External finishes like stainless steel or brushed chrome are extremely durable and quite expensive as well. With the use of many varying parts, quality materials, and the addition of digital display in modern machines, it is meant to be expensive. Even ‘cheap’ espresso machines still cost a ton of money.

Find the Best Espresso Machine over $1000 that’s Right for You

Choosing the right espresso machine means going beyond buying the latest or the most expensive machine. First, you have to understand the features and quality that different espresso machines offer. Only then, you’ll be able to understand your preference and get the right one.

When you buy a product as expensive as the espresso machine, you need to co-operate and adjust if you want to yield the maximum value. You have to take it in as an investment rather than simply seeing it as an expensive appliance. This means you have to cater to the needs and maintenance of the machine as well.