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5 Best Coarse Ground Coffee for French Press

While there may be numerous other coffee brewing methods available today, one method that still remains a favorite in many households is the French Press.

In fact, most coffee enthusiasts would agree that there’s no other method that can give you a rich, sophisticated brew other than French Press. When it’s done right, it’s delicious. That said, there is one key consideration you need to be aware of and that includes picking the right coffee beans.

To make a great French Press brew, coarse grind coffee works best. In this article, we’ll review five Best Coarse Ground Coffee for French Press so you can find the one that’s suited for you.

Best Overall
Gevalia Special Reserve Costa Rica Single Origin Medium Roast Ground Coffee (10 oz Bag)
Runner Up
French Press Specialty Coffee, Coarse Ground, Primos Coffee Co (Medium Roast, 12 Oz)
Best Overall
Gevalia Special Reserve Costa Rica Single Origin Medium Roast Ground Coffee (10 oz Bag)
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Runner Up
French Press Specialty Coffee, Coarse Ground, Primos Coffee Co (Medium Roast, 12 Oz)
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Best Coarse Ground Coffees for French Press Reviews

We understand how daunting a task it can be to find the right coffee grounds for French Press, especially with so many products out there. This is why our team has done all the hard work of research and scorching through the internet to ease the process for you. Without further ado, we present you our list of the top ground coffee for French Press you can find in the market today.

1. Gevalia Ground Coffee – Best Overall Coarse Ground Coffee for French Press

If you want the best overall coffee blend for French Press, then this the Gevalia Kaffe is a must-try. Gevalia is a leading brand known for its quality and consistency. The Gevalia Ground Coffee is perfect for both French Press as well as automatic dripping brewing. It’s a medium roast coarse ground coffee extracted from the prized Arabica beans.

Its roast is ideally suited for someone who prefers medium roast coffee. As for its aroma, you get a slightly heavy smell with a hint of dark chocolate. This single origin, special reserve coffee from Gevalia Kaffe will spoil those who prefer their brew to have citrusy hints.

Crafted exquisitely following the Swedish tradition, these coffee beans offer a rich, smooth taste that is quite bold but never bitter. Its medium-bodied brew is what makes this coffee unique. With its medium-dark roast, it’s going to be a favorite option for black coffee lovers. Also, the mild fruit undertones will surprise your palate.

Exclusively derived from Costa Rica, this coffee ground is extracted from 100 percent Arabica beans. Moreover, with 60 percent of the grains coming from farms with naturally forested locations, this coffee features Rainforest Alliance Certification.

It comes in a resealable bag designed to ensure the flavors remain intact even after you open it. If you’re one with a liking for cold brew, you’ll be pleased with the delightful aroma and taste you can get in just 24 hours. Overall, the Gevalia Ground coffee is an ideal choice if you prefer a lighter, fruitier brew.


  • No bitter undertones
  • Fresh, bold flavor
  • Delicious, inviting aroma


  • For some coffeemakers, the grind may be too fine
  • Some may find it too robust for their palate

2. Primos Coffee Co. – The Runner Up

Next in our list of the best French Press coffee, we have the Primos Coffee Co. This French Press specialty, single-origin coffee from Priomos Coffee, a family-owned company, is another excellent option that exudes quality.

The coffee has been sourced rigorously from the brand’s high mountain farms located in Nicaragua. Using European techniques, coffee beans have been roasted in small groups. This high-quality coffee comes in resealable packagings so that the aromas and flavors remain intact, even after you open it.

Similar to the Gevalia Kaffe, the Primos Coffee also produces a delicate flavor with slight sweetness and acidity, followed by smooth notes. If you’re someone who prefers to drink hard-hitting coffee, the Primos Coffee Co. may not be to your liking. If not, it’s a stellar option for everyone else.

Another distinct characteristic about the Primos Coffee is that it doesn’t mix its coffee with grains from different farms, thereby, each bag offers the same unique flavor and quality. Moreover, the beans have undergone a medium roast, which is generally the most popular roasting profile. The coffee beans’ natural flavor is bolder as compared to the roast flavors while the finish is pleasantly aromatic.


  • Sweet, smooth flavor
  • Best for French Press
  • Harvested by hand & medium roasted


  • Mild flavor as compared to most French Press coffees
  • Not ideal for those who prefer hard-hitting coffees

3. Bizzy Organic Coffee

If you like your coffee organic, then the Bizzy Organic Coffee might just be what you need. Unlike Gevalia, Bizzy doesn’t prioritize single-origin flavor preservation and instead, the brand focuses all its energy on crafting the perfect blend of cold brew coffee.

After years of extensive research and experiments, this organic coffee from Bizzy delivers surprising aromas and a consistent body. Sweet and smooth, this coffee has been made from a mixture of dark roast, medium, and light coffee beans sourced in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Peru. All beans used are rigorously 100% Arabica as well as organic USDA certified.

Whether you’re a coffee freak or have recently developed a liking for coffee, with the Bizzy Organic Coffee, you can enjoy cold brew that is extra smooth and consistently delicious.

The best thing about this brand is that it offers premium quality products for an affordable price. Brands like Brizzy are proof that you can get quality coffee without spending so much money so that you can enjoy a delicious coffee at home. As per your preference, you can either brew it strong or mild, and the cold extraction technique delivers an exquisite beverage within 14-18 hours.

While it’s an excellent choice for cold brew extraction, it’s also ideal for making a hot brew. In doing so, its flavor profile will change, however, you can still enjoy a delightfully smooth, creamy taste. Another factor that makes the Bizzy Organic Coffe unique is that it’s less acidic than traditional coffee, which is great news if your stomach doesn’t react well to caffeine.


  • Extremely smooth & sweet flavor profile
  • Less acidic, strong cold brew concentrate, and non-bitter
  • Sustainably produced & ethically sourced


  • Small grinds may go through the filter
  • Not the best for a hot brew

4. Jo Coffee Organic

If you’re looking for a coarse ground coffee with no artificial additives, then the Jo Coffee Organic might satisfy you. This coffee is proof that there’s no need for any artificial flavors to get hints of flavor into your coffee.

This coarse ground coffee is all-natural and is made from 100% Arabica and boasts an exciting profile, which includes mesmerizing aromas and toffee caramel notes. It not only has a punchy but also an all-rounded taste to it, which makes it a morning coffee.

As a cold brew coffee, the grounds are finer, which might go through the mesh filters of a French Press. Nonetheless, it’s not a deal-breaker and in fact, if you’d rather prefer a hot coffee, it’s great for pour-over.

The blend is Kosher, Fair Trade, and USDA-certified, however, the brand doesn’t reveal the beans’ origin. That said, we do know that the coffee is sourced by Specialty Java Inc. from leading producers across the globe. Consequently, the final flavors and undernotes of each bag may differ.

With its exquisite aroma that will lure you the moment you open the package and its strong, rich flavor, the Jo Cofee Organic is hard to resist. Thanks to its rich flavor and creamy texture, you won’t want to put anything that might alter its delicious flavors.


  • Sweet, smooth, and non-bitter coffee
  • It has USDA, Fair Trade, & Kosher certifications
  • Rich and captivating aroma


  • Less robust as compared to other dark coffees
  • Coffee beans’ origin not disclosed on the package

5. Stone Street Coffee

This is another cold brew coffee from Stone Street Coffee, a well-known brand known to provide coffee freaks with delicious hand-made coffee. It’s known to offer different coffee types with unique characteristics and a complete flavored profile.

All their products contain specialty-grade beans that are roasted in small quantities to preserve its original quality. This cold brew coffee is no different. Boasting a dark roast level. this blend is ideal for both cold and French Press brewing.

It has a perfectly balanced, strong, and bold flavor with an incredibly smooth texture, and is less acidic. As for the beans’ origin, it’s made from 100% Colombian Supremo. Even if you aren’t a fan of Colombian beans, you’ll likely appreciate the coffee’s rich, bold, and roasted flavor.

The coffee comes in a beautiful packaging featuring a one-way degassing valve, which helps in preserving the favors and aroma.


  • Flavor-preserving packaging
  • Less acidity
  • Pleasantly bold and strong


  • Expect a slightly bitter aftertaste
  • Slightly on the expensive side

Coarse Ground Coffee Buying Guide

Ground coffee

The French Press coffee making method is quite simple. All you have to do is pour, steep, and press. Thanks to the in-built mesh filter of the French Press, the coffee it brews is known for its full body and rich flavor. This is because the filter allows more coffee oils and sediments to pass through, giving the brewed coffee a unique flavor, aroma, and texture.

All of these might get you to believe that just owning a French Press would automatically allow you to brew a flavorful coffee. However, that’s not the case. No matter what coffee grinders or maker you use, if you don’t use good quality water and a good quality pre ground coffee (such as the Koffee Kult brand), you won’t be able to brew a good cup of Joe.

Finding the best coffee for French Press is partly trial and error and partly following basic barista knowledge. Here’s a quick buyer’s guide to show you what you should be paying attention to before purchasing coffee grounds for the French press.

Roast Date

One important factor to note before purchasing coffee beans for French Press is to check the roast date. This will ensure that you’re brewing freshly roasted coffee. Go for a coffee that has been roasted recently. Ideally, one that has been roasted within the past two weeks. Fortunately, most premium coffees include their roast date so it won’t be difficult to find one.

Roasted Preference

Next, you’ll also have to know your personal taste preferences. Generally, there are three types of roast levels available, namely – light, medium, and dark roast. When looking for the best coffee, most French Press brewing enthusiasts prefer to go for either medium or dark roast. If you aren’t sure of your roast preference, you might want to start with the medium roast.

Coffee Grounds

The coffee grind is another factor worth considering. While some would suggest that you can still enjoy a great French Press coffee no matter what grind you use, we recommend opting for a coarse grind. This is because the filters allow finer coffee grounds to pass through it, leaving fine particles in your cup.

Ground Coffee FAQs

Coffee grinder

In this section, we’ve rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions people have when looking for the right coffee for French Press.

What Does Coarse Ground Coffee Look Like?

Coarse ground coffee has larger particles, which is why it makes a great choice for French Press. As it is larger in size, it won’t pass through the French Press mesh filters. Whenever buying coffee for French Press, look for one with a label that says “Coarse Ground.”

How Do You Properly Store Coarse Ground Coffee?

The most appropriate way to store coarse ground coffee is to put it in an airtight vessel and store it away from heat, light, and moisture. In doing so, the coffee will remain fresh.

What’s the Difference between Coarse and Fine Ground Coffee?

The most apparent distinction between the two would be its size. Also, both coarse and fine ground coffee have their own specific application. For instance, fine ground coffee works best for Espresso machines while coarse ground coffee is best for the French press.

Find the Best Coarse Ground Coffee That’s Right for You

French Press is perhaps the simplest and most reliable coffee brewing method out there. And if you’re planning to make yourself a delicious French Press coffee, you’ll have to get hold of the best coarse ground coffee for French Press.

If we were to pick our winner, it’d be the Gevalia Kaffe for its delightful flavor and aroma. If you prefer a slightly mild flavor, the Primos Coffee is another great option. That said, all the products covered would help you in making a superb French Press brew and the best one for you depends on your personal taste. Regardless of which product you go for, always remember to go for a coarse grind coffee to ensure optimum flavor extraction.