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5 Best Brazilian Coffee Blends to Give Your Morning a Boost

Looking for the best Brazilian coffee?

Anyone with even a pinch of interest in gourmet coffee knows that Brazil is the largest supplier of coffee production worldwide. But because of this, many think that Brazil solely focuses on quantity and not on the quality of the coffee.

In our opinion, that’s not true at all. There are certainly some high-quality Brazillian coffee brands out there and like any other product, it’s only a matter of doing your research beforehand to find the right brand.

Now don’t get all worked up, we’ve already done the needful- researching and trying different Brazillian coffee brands. The following detailed reviews will hopefully help you in finding the right product. If you still have questions, fret not as we have also included a quick buyer’s guide followed by a FAQ section.

Best Overall
Pilao Coffee Traditional Roast and Ground- Café Torrado e Moído - 17.60oz. (500g)(PACK OF 4)
Runner Up
3 Coracoes Tradicional Brazilian Ground Coffee Vacuum Packed 500 grams (Pack of 4)
illy Coffee, Arabica Selection Whole Bean Brazil, Single Origin, Intense with Notes of Caramel, 100%...
Best Overall
Pilao Coffee Traditional Roast and Ground- Café Torrado e Moído - 17.60oz. (500g)(PACK OF 4)
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Runner Up
3 Coracoes Tradicional Brazilian Ground Coffee Vacuum Packed 500 grams (Pack of 4)
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illy Coffee, Arabica Selection Whole Bean Brazil, Single Origin, Intense with Notes of Caramel, 100%...
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Best Brazilian Coffee Reviews

To ensure that you don’t miss out on some of the delicious coffee from Brazil, We’ve carefully handpicked and reviewed 5 Brazillian coffee based on its smell, price, taste, and value. The following products have their own pros and cons and regardless of that, they’re some of the best ones you can find today. So, Keep on reading to find out!

1. Pilao Tradicional Coffee – Best Overall Brazil Coffee

First, we have this coffee by Pilao, which is the most favored coffee brand in Brazil so no wonder it had to be on our list. If you’re someone looking to try a true coffee from Brazil, we highly recommend giving the Pilao Roast and Ground a try.

It’s a full-bodied coffee derived from dark, slow-roasted, and finely ground beans found in the best coffee plant and coffee growing regions in Brazil. Quality Brazilian coffees are known to have low acidity content and deliver a sweety nutty taste, which is often bittersweet with a slight chocolaty roast taste.

That’s what the Pilao Tradicional Coffee offers as it produces coffees for their customers. It offers a unique smoothness like that of a traditional Brazil coffee-it’s medium-dark yet never bitter. Whether you’re a new sampler or a coffee aficionado, you’ll fall in love with the rich flavor of this coffee.

As a medium roast coffee, it’s the perfect choice for every black coffee lover. With rich, smooth, and non-acidic flavor, every cup of coffee made from Pilao is going to be nothing less than delicious. It can also be used perfectly with espresso machines as well s traditional brewing methods.

Moreover, it’s not just us that feels the same. During our research, we also found that it was loved by many coffee lovers, which can be proved by the numerous positive feedback it got on Amazon. On the downside, there were some complaints about the shipment. Also, All in all, Pilao Roast and Ground coffee is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to try Brazillian coffee.


  • Sold in bulk
  • Rich, dark flavor
  • Very affordable


  • Shipment issue
  • It may be too strong of a flavor for some people.

See This Coffee in Action!

2. 3 Coracoes Ground Coffee – The Runner Up

While not everyone has the opportunity to be in Brazil, but your palate can be. With the 2 Coracoes Ground Coffee, you won’t have to leave your home. This incredibly delicious coffee is smooth, strong, full of flavor, and tastes like typical coffee of Brazil.

While it has a wonderful taste, after every cup of coffee, it leaves a soothing feel in your mouth. The ripe fruit grains further accentuate its rich flavor with respectable smoothness, body definition, and of course, sensational aroma. The roast of this ground coffee is fresh, industrial, medium to dark with a great odor minus the bitter tastes. What makes the 3 Corocoes so delicious is the high content of the Brazilian Arabica beans. Coracoes uses a more flavorful variety of Arabica obtained from Brazil’s Sul de Minas region. This explains the sweet, smooth taste and the flavor notes of sugar and chocolate. It also offers hints of berries or fruits.

Additionally, the 3 Coracoes ground coffee is an excellent choice for a range of brews like a French press, pour-over, cold brew, espresso, and drip coffee. It also makes a great black coffee. Also, the Brazilian coffee beans were processed via the dry processing method.

All in all, this is a single-origin coffee with a thick, smooth crema with a slight acidic sensation to it. Moreover, you get 4 packs of 500 gm each.


  • Rich, flavorful taste
  • Delicious, inviting aroma
  • Ideal for a wide range of brews


  • Slightly pricey
  • It might be too fine for some coffeemakers

3. Illy Single Origin Coffee

Next, we have another delicious coffee, Illy Single Origin Coffee. Established by Francesco Illy, we’re talking about a coffee brand that has been in the business since 1933. Illy Single-origin coffee is perfect for coffee enthusiasts who like to grind the beans to meet their personal palate and preparation method.

This single-origin coffee by Illy offers an intense, rich flavor with hints of caramel. The beans have been carefully selected and roasted meticulously and that’s why the company claims that their coffee beans invoke poetry and sensual beauty in every passionate coffee lover.

With Illy coffee, you can explore the distinct aroma and unique taste of each Arabica coffee, each highlighting the individual flavor, culture, and style of these individual geographic regions.

Additionally, the unique pressurized packaging helps in preserving the complexity and flavor of the blend while ensuring optimal freshness and refining the coffee’s aroma. Overall, this single-origin coffee from Illy is a perfectly balanced blend with a delightfully unique aroma and taste. And its relatively low price makes it a great budget-friendly coffee. On the downside, some customers had packaging issues, where they were delivered products with a partially open seal. However, this isn’t a big deal and it’s merely a shipping problem Besides, you can get refunded for any faulty products.


  • Quite affordable
  • Single-origin Coffee-bold, more robust with an exotic taste
  • No preservatives


  • Shipping problem
  • Barely perceptible fruit and floral notes

4. Café Caboclo Roast & Ground Coffee

Another worthy mention is this roast & ground coffee by Café Caboclo. If you’re done drinking the same old coffee, then give Café Caboclo a try. It’s relatively cheap and offers a delightfully unique taste and flavor.

Additionally, the coffee beans are finely grounded, making it perfect for use in drip, espresso, and for baking goodies too. Also, if you savor black coffee, you’re going to love this one. It delivers a robust flavor unlike some of the other coffees available at the same price.

With the Café Caboclo, every sip is pleasantly rich and fragrant. Plus, the consistency of this blend is something that you’ll most likely enjoy time and again.


  • Unique taste and flavor
  • Perfect for use in drip, espresso, and even baking.
  • Affordable


  • Slightly bitter
  • Coffee package tears easily while opening

5. Fresh Roasted Brazilian Coffee

Most Brazilian coffee brands feature blends in exotic aromas and flavors that make the whole experience of drinking coffee exciting and unique for the buyers. However, if the roasted beans aren’t fresh, it’ll affect the overall taste of the blend no matter what.

Fortunately, Fresh Roasted Coffee resolves this problem by providing roasted coffee beans once a new order for a specific batch is placed. Also, it boasts a unique packaging to ensure that the authentic fragrance and essence of the beans remain protected.

Moreover, every coffee from Fresh Roasted completely organic and is certified by the department of agriculture in the US.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Better packaging for preserving the fragrance and essence of the beans
  • Completely organic


  • Not ideal for strong coffee lovers
  • Some may not like its light flavor

Brazil Coffee Buying Guide

Cup of coffee

Like any other coffee, finding the right Brazil coffee will depend on your taste preference. Being certain of the type of flavors you usually prefer for your coffee will help you in finding the right variety of coffees. All that said, here’s a quick buying guide covering a few factors that are worth considering before making your purchase:

Roast Level & Roast Date

This is an essential factor that needs to be considered when picking a coffee from Brazil. Do you prefer light, medium, or dark roasts? Unlike the coffee from Kenya and Ethiopia, coffee beans from Brazil aren’t known for their delicacy. In fact, most Brazil coffee lovers look for the strong, chocolatey tastes present in dark roasts. Nonetheless, if you like light roasts, they’re available too-you just need to focus a little harder. It’s also important that you look at the roast date before purchasing. In doing so, you’ll be able to brew freshly roasted beans. So pick one with the recent roast date. Ideally, one that underwent roasting in the last 2 or 3 weeks. Luckily, it won’t be much of an issue to find one since most quality brands mention the roast date.


When purchasing coffee, beans, or ground, another very important factor to consider is its quantity, especially if you’re someone on a budget. While a 2-pound package will be pricier as compared to 12-ounce bags in the food section, you’re still saving enough money per ounce. Nonetheless, there are some disadvantages to purchasing coffee in large quantities. For instance, there’s a chance that you might not like the blend that much. Additionally, there’s also a freshness concern. Most connoisseurs will suggest consuming the coffee in less than a week after its roast date. Nevertheless, if the freshness factor isn’t a big deal for you, it’ll still be worthwhile to purchase a large package and save yourself some bucks.


You might have noticed that the coffees mentioned in our list are quite inexpensive. Though coffee is known to be an expensive delicacy, it’s possible to find the perfect blend of quality and value from the right brands. Very often people tend to pay more just because of the brand name. For instance, people still buy from Starbucks even if they charge more because it’s the most popular coffee brand of all time. Nonetheless, if you don’t mind purchasing coffee from a brand that isn’t as popular, you might enjoy the opportunity of experiencing unique flavors for a discounted price. And the products listed in our review is proof that you can still enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without spending so much money.

Brazil Coffee FAQs

Still, have more questions about Brazil coffee? Perhaps, the following FAQs might help. In this section, we’ll be focusing on the most frequently asked questions concerning Brazil coffee.

Is Brazilian Coffee Strong?

Yes, indeed Brazil coffee is quite strong. Also, the best Brazillian coffees offers are soft, nutty with low acidity, and a nice bittersweet chocolatey flavor. Since coffee from Brazil is quite strong, many still use them Espresso blends.

Are Brazilian Beans Better for French Roast Coffee?

I’d say so because coffee is better from the tropics and that’s where Brazil is. French roast coffee has a dark, smoky odor with a strong flavor and pungent taste. Since Brazil coffee beans are known for being quite strong themselves, they’d make better French roast coffee.

Does Brazilian Coffee Have Nuts?

No, the coffee does not have nuts. However, they do have a soft, nutty taste.

Find the Best Coffee from Brazil That’s Right for You

If our detailed reviews of the best coffee from Brazil has left you feeling more torn between numerous varying options, it’s understandable. We know that it isn’t easy to pick just one best coffee, however, there are a number of choices that will appeal to the tastes of different customers.

If you simply wish to purchase a great coffee that you can get, you might discover a lot to love in our top pick, the Pilao Traditional coffee offers a lot that you want in your coffee. Another delicious option is the 3 Corocoes ground coffee, which is also our runner up pick. Additionally, the Illy Single Origin Coffee also offers a great deal and is a great value for the money. It’s an excellent product from a good brand and is there for you to purchase for a really enticing rate.