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About Coffee Bean Queen

Java Jane
Ollo! This isn’t me but that’s 100% the face I make every time I have a cup of coffee in the morning. Also, I love Megamind! 🙂

Being the Coffee Bean Queen is just as much fun as it sounds. Over the past several years, I have enjoyed new brands of coffee, tried different roasters and coffee machines, and have written fun, informative articles about my experiences with coffee. My website reviews different coffee products which include the following.

In addition, I have written several articles about coffee which I hope you will find enlightening. I can get carried away at times, but I hope you can come with me on my coffee adventures. At the Coffee Bean Queen, I keep things light as I write about all things associated with coffee.

Why I Started Coffee Bean Queen

I remember having my first cup of coffee at the age of 13. It was my mother’s Folgers. And while that may not have been the top of the line coffee available on the market, I was hooked after the first sip. That is where my love of coffee started, and it has been growing ever since. When I take the first sip of a new coffee, I still get that feeling I once did back when I was 13 years old.

As I grew up, I found that there was far more to coffee than Folgers. And in that exploration, I discovered so many different products associated with coffee. So, it was not long before my interest turned to writing and Coffee Bean Queen was born.

Starting the Coffee Bean Queen blog was a natural extension of my love for coffee. The blog provides the platform for my reviews, news, and opinions on all things coffee. From coffee makers to the types of beans available and the roasters on the market, you can find all the information right here at Coffee Bean Queen.

Coffee Product Reviews

My blog articles tend to be quite short, but reviews are a different story. I understand the importance of providing all the information possible when I review a new coffee or related product. And while my reviews can be lengthy at times, they are filled with what you need to know. That way, you can make the best-informed decision about whether it is right for you.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope that my love of coffee comes through and provides you with what you need for your coffee interest. And, as my cheesy saying goes, remember to stay grounded!